Settlement ends Richmond casino proposal

casino proposal richmond

The settlement ended a 22-year long judicial process. Credits: Medium

The ruling that puts a casino proposal to rest ends a process that began 22 years ago.

US.-  Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers has approved a settlement in federal court in Oakland that puts to rest a Richmond casino proposal. The judicial ruling ends a dispute between the city and the Guidiville Rancheria tribe over a 270-acre former Navy depot at Point Molate.

Once the land is sold, the proceeds will be distributed 50-50 between the city of Richmond, California and the plaintiffs in the case, who include the tribe and Upstream Development, local media reported.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said in his email newsletter: “This is not the end, but hopefully it is the beginning of the end, of a process that began 22 years ago. What we have is a roadmap to the eventual development of Point Molate as a vibrant recreational asset to Richmond and a successful new neighbourhood that will provide homes, create jobs and provide much-needed revenue for the city.”

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