Rod Ratcliff could have casino licence revoked

The casino tycoon could have his licence permanently revoked.
The casino tycoon could have his licence permanently revoked.

The US casino tycoon has been under investigation for over a year. Ratcliff had his licence temporarily revoked in December.

US.- The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) intends to have casino owner Rod Ratcliff’s licence permanently revoked due to accusations of unethical behaviour.

The commission’s lawyers have already submitted a licence revocation petition to a Lake County Superior Court, the next step in a lengthy process of legal action.

The casino tycoon’s licence was already temporarily suspended by the IGC in a meeting on December 23.

Over the course of a year-long investigation, IGC authorities claim to have found that Ratcliff was in breach of Indiana gaming law through failing to update state records.

They also accuse Ratcliff of participating in a plot to provide illegal campaign contributions to a presidential candidate during his time as an executive at Centaur Gaming

The investigation has also led to the indictment of Spectacle’s former vice president, John Keeler, on campaign fraud charges. Spectacle was allegedly tied to Centaur.

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