Indiana investigation into Spectacle continues

The IGC will investigate over ten individuals linked to Spectacle.
The IGC will investigate over ten individuals linked to Spectacle.

Spectacle could lose its licences for Majestic Star Casinos and its new $300m casino depending on the outcome of the investigation.

US.- The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) is continuing its probe into Spectacle Entertainment is now investigating ten people linked to the company.

The investigation began in January due to Spectacle’s ties with another gaming company, Centaur Gaming. The findings led to the indictment of Spectacle’s former vice president, John Keeler, on campaign fraud charges.

But the IGC will continue the investigation looking into at least ten individuals linked to the company. All either hold, or have previously held licences with the company or with Centaur.

The outcome of the investigation could lead to Spectacle losing its gaming licence, jeopardising its operations at Majestic Star Casinos along with its $300m new casino project with Hard Rock Cafe.

According to the executive director of the IGC, Sara Gonso Tait: “The scope of our review covers financial transactions, ownership transfers, contracts, failures to disclose, improper utilization of funds, improper accounting practices, failure to act within the occupational licensure parameters, ex parte communications and other actions and situations falling outside of those good moral character and integrity standards detailed throughout Indiana statutes and regulations.”