Roberto Regianini: “FBMDS’s presence at G2E reinforces the exponential growth the brand has reached over the last year”

Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems.
Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems.

Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems, spoke to Focus Gaming News about the company’s presence at a new edition of G2E Las Vegas.

Exclusive interview.- On the eve of a new edition of G2E Las Vegas (October 10-13), Focus Gaming News sat down with Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems, to talk about the upcoming event, FBMDS’s expectations and new payment methods.

FBMDS will be present at G2E Las Vegas, how do you prepare for this event?

This is the first time that FBMDS® will be attending G2E Las Vegas officially. Consequently, there was a lot of preparation for this event. Not only this presence reinforces the exponential growth that our online casino gaming brand has reached over the last year, giving us the opportunity to showcase our online casino gaming portfolio to a wider audience, as it also holds a great meaning for everyone involved because it symbolizes all the hard-work we’ve put into this project

This year, we will be joining FBM® at booth 2848 and have prepared special gameplays for visitors to test our innovative, personalized and customized online casino games. Event participants will be able to learn more about our leading video bingo gaming collections, as well as our slot games created for specific targets with different characteristics, such as Viva México™, a game that honours Mexican roots, or Virá Festa, a Portuguese-inspired game that celebrates traditional festivities.

This year there will be different talks about digital payments and cryptocurrency, what is your opinion about these new payment methods?

There’s no other way to put it. More and more, we are witnessing a true digital revolution and it is my belief, as well as our team’s belief, that we should embrace this transformation instead of fearing it. It’s known that the pandemics also gave this phase a momentum, increasing the number of users playing online and witnessing the benefits of online casino gaming.

“At FBMDS®, it’s part of our culture to always strive to be on top of innovation, and the payments segment is no exception.” 

Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems.

Players are becoming more demanding and retaining a player is more difficult, what are the challenges you face in order to stay at the forefront with your products?

Indeed, players now have more options to choose from when it comes to online casino games, which to some degree could make it more difficult to retain client loyalty. As a brand that creates online casino games for online casino operators, I believe it is fundamental for FBMDS® to listen to its client’s feedback and inputs when it comes to developing new product offers or upgrading its current ones, as they know their clients better than anyone. 

Also, at FBMDS® we make it a priority to be constantly making improvements in order to take a step forward when it comes to gameplay experience, with immersive and engaging graphics, animations and sounds.

FBMDS has recently expanded its influence in South America by making its games available in Peru. What does this agreement represent for you? How do you see the current Latin American market?

The LATAM market has been on our radar since day one. The South American and Latin regions have a close connection to FBMDS® and to the FBM® Group since the very start, and we have very clear and authentic insights about those market’s needs, interests and desires. For that reason, the agreement with was a key point for us as it helped us penetrate the Peruvian audience and meet our expansion goals. 

We find that the LATAM players are eager to learn about new and enthusiastic ways of playing, and we know our portfolio solutions are a great match to their profiles. Creating vibrant, attractive and exhilarating gaming experiences is in our blood, and we are confident more LATAM players will love our games.

“The South American and Latin regions have a close connection to FBMDS® and to the FBM® Group since the very start.”

Roberto Regianini, CEO at FBM Digital Systems.

FBMDS also closed different agreements with gaming platforms to continue distributing its games. Are you working on new agreements for the next few months?

Absolutely. Another great and recent example we’ve done to pursue this mission of expanding FBMDS®’ presence to the LATAM universe is the agreement, which allows Mexican players to try different product launches in this online channel every week, in the comfort of their own homes. The next few months will unveil several partnerships in different regions around the globe, solidifying FBMDS®’ growth path in the iGaming industry.

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