Rhode Island to keep sports betting info

The state won’t release information regarding sports bets during the Super Bowl. Credits: NFL

The state won’t disclose how much was wagered during the Super Bowl at the two local casinos.

US.- Officials in Rhode Island have said that they won’t disclose how much gamblers bet on the Super Bowl at the two local casinos that offer sports betting services. Despite expecting US$6 billion in wagers across the country, states like New Jersey reported less than expected bets.

Paul Grimaldi, spokesman for the Department of Revenue of Rhode Island, said on Tuesday that the state is not planning to release information about individual sporting events, only monthly reports.

The East Coast state releases information about sportsbook revenue each month, and Grimaldi said that the revenue collected from bets made during the Super Bowl will be included in the total monthly figures for January and February instead of being listed separately.

The report from February, which will include data from the bets made during the Super Bowl (February 3), will be released in late March.

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