Ponca Tribe’s Iowa casino to remain open

Ponca Tribe’s Iowa casino to remain open
The Ponca Tribe´s Iowa casino would remain open should NIGA´s ruling stand.

The Ponca Tribe may keep its Iowa casino open after the National Indian Gaming Commission ruled in its favour.

US.- Nebraska’s Ponca Tribe is celebrating a ruling in its favour that would let its Iowa casino open. The National Indian Gaming Commission decided they have the right to operate the Prairie Flower Casino. The venue is located on land it gained from Carter Lake, Iowa.

The Ponca Tribe doesn’t have any reservation after it was kicked out of its land in the 1870s. However, back in November it launched the US$10 million venue with 200 machines after the commission approved its licence. They had been pursuing it for about 10 years.

“Since the package is within the aboriginal territory of this tribe and the tribe possesses contemporary relations to it, dependent on the geographical factor independently, the package is revived lands,” the commission stated.

The Iowa attorney general’s office said Thursday it is reviewing the judgment and ”contemplating our next actions.”

Nebraska’s opposition

Back in January 2018, Nebraska rejected the federal government’s decision to allow the installation of the tribal casino. The State joined a lawsuit that was previously presented by Iowa and the city of Council Bluffs to fight the gaming expansion measure near both states.

Attorney General Doug Peterson of Nebraska had announced that they decided to prevent the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska from building the casino in Carter Lake, Iowa. The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska advanced its plans to open a casino in Carter Lake anyway and built the venue.

Back then, Larry Wright Jr., chairman of the Ponca Tribe, said that tribal leaders are constantly trying to keep members informed of proposed casino details. “We’re moving forward. We’re evaluating and weighing our options,” he said.

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