Poland launches new online casinos

Totalizator Sportowy launched TotalCasino.pl and iLotto.pl. Credits: TotalCasino

The online casino sites are now live after obtaining licences from the Ministry of Finance.

Poland.- Totalizator Sportowy has this week launched TotalCasino.pl and iLotto.pl, which offer slots, table games and lottery products. Totalizator is the only company that offers legal online casino and lottery sites in Poland.

The company, which is the only in the country that can offer online services, said that the launch had been the biggest challenge it faced in its 60-year history. Olgierd Cieślik, Totalizator Sportowy’s president, added that the company is set to monitor the impact on the Polish gambling sector.

“This big step towards meeting the needs of customers means the digitisation and implementation of innovative and modern tools for online sales of products, as well as increasing Totalizator Sportowy’s revenues, and thus also increased funds transferred to the development of sport and culture,” said Cieślik.

“Remember that this is the beginning of a very important process of further development of our services. By implementing it, we will listen carefully to the opinions of our players,” he added.

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