Poker machine industry rejects spin limit in Canberra

Credits: AFP PHOTO/William WEST
Credits: AFP PHOTO/William WEST

The poker machine industry in Canberra rejected a proposed $5 spin limit as it is believed that it’s not a viable option.

Australia.- Poker machine manufacturers rejected a $5 spin limit in poker machines at the Canberra casino. Ross Ferrar, chief executive of Gaming Technologies Association, said that the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) attempt of a separate set of rules for the casino had been a great source of frustration.

Ferrar believes that poker machines would not be viable unless $5 spins were abandoned or those restrictions are introduced citywide and not just for the Canberra casino. “It is very difficult for us to understand how it would be possible to provide the Canberra casino with unique games with unique machines at a cost that would be anywhere near capable of sustaining a business case for their purchase,” said Ferrar as quoted by local media. “Developing a game for a poker machine is a complex and very expensive process,” he added.

Back in August, the government revealed that it was considering ideas on how to reduce the numbers of poker machines in the territory. The proposed changes would force clubs to hand hack one in five machines over a three year period.

Gaming Technologies Association, which represents a big portion of poker machine manufacturers, rejected the regime introduced in August. “The bill would result in the equivalent of a miniature, separate casino jurisdiction with unique requirements. The process of developing a unique portfolio of games for such a jurisdiction is not financially feasible,” concluded Ferrar.

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