Play’n GO adds a member to the Dead Series

Ghost of Dead is a classic 5x3 slot.
Ghost of Dead is a classic 5x3 slot.

The 5×3 Ghost of Dead slot offers a journey to ancient Egypt.

Press release.- Play’n GO presented Ghost of Dead, for fans of the Dead series.

Ghost of Dead is a classic 5×3 slot. It features the expansion symbol, seen in previous games, and offers players the chance to win up to x10000 per bet.

The symbols visually sound faithful to previous games, motifs associated with Ancient Egypt. Among them are listed beetles, canopus, snakes, and ankhs. Throughout the series, she radiates opulence, the use of gold, and a majestic color palette of green, purple, and navy blue.

Ghost of Dead introduces us to the living spirit, Akh. Ancient Egyptians believed that, in death, vitality and soul combine to create Akh, who can take on any form and is free to roam the world. Now, Pharoah Unas’s spirit has been resurrected. Unas uses his new-found magic to guide worthy mortals to his hidden treasure.

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With the success of Dead Series, Game Director Charlotte Miliziano explains why it is important to innovate and maintain consistency across all popular Play’n GO series: “With the Dead Series titles, players already have an idea of ​​what the game should look like and how it will be played.”

She and her add: “It’s a balance of innovation to keep gamers engaged, but familiarity and consistency are key to creating a reliable series of games that players can trust.”

Aside from the Dead series, Play’n GO’s Ancient Egypt themed games, such as the Wilde and Golden Osiris series, for example, provide a solid foundation for the games. Why? Ruthless pharaohs and ruthless gods create fruitful narratives for future games.

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