Cyprus police raid gambling joints

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The gambling raids took place on Friday night in Paphos. Credits:

The Cyprus police of Paphos raided on Friday two facilities suspected of conducting illegal gambling activities.

Cyprus.- The police in Cyprus has reported that two facilities suspected of illegal gambling activities were raided on Friday. The establishments located in Paphos had 20 computers believed to have been turned into fruit machines.

According to Cyprus Mail, the first raid took place on Friday night. Paphos police seized 10 computer towers that looked to work as gambling fruit machines, while the owner of the facility was taken to be questioned by the CID.

The Paphos police conducted another raid at a second establishment the same night. The authorities confiscated 10 more computers used for gambling purposes, €815 in cash and a security camera to check activity in the facility.

Cyprus banned daytime gaming advertising

Back in July, Cyprus enforced a gaming advertising ban that will reduce the segment’s exposure on mainstream media. The Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission announced new restrictions for the promotion of casino gaming. Under new regulation, ads won’t air on republic television and radio stations between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm.

Furthermore, gaming advertising must not target people under 21 and ads can’t be located closer than 300 metres from schools. They must also include a visible responsible gambling message

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