Ontario wants to end online gambling monopoly

Ontario wants to end online gambling monopoly

Ontario wants to stop the current online gambling monopoly. Credits: PlayOLG.ca

The government has unveiled a proposal to scrap the current online gambling monopoly.

Canada.- The Conservative government of Ontario has presented its 2019 provincial budget, which details the plans to end the current online gambling monopoly. The province’s government also wants to legalise single event sports betting.

The budget includes the government’s wish to establish a competitive market for the online gambling industry that will reflect consumer choice while protecting consumers who play on those websites. The proposed market would include casino-style gaming and sports betting.

The government would consult with key stakeholders in order to come up with a way to operate the new market.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) is currently the only operator that can offer iGaming through the playOGA.ca website.

Furthermore, Ontario’s government wants to legalize single event sports betting in the province. Current regulations in the territory only allow betting on multiple events and parlay betting.

Gary Bettman, commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL), said that he supports the government’s initiative. “There are two NHL franchises in Ontario and two right on the border with the US. [Therefore] Ontario is a very important market for the NHL,” Bettman said. “Accordingly, the NHL does not object to the Province of Ontario’s initiative to offer single event wagering when it is permitted.”

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