Norway to improve payment processing rules

The government from Norway wants to tighten restrictions on unlicensed gambling operators in the country and change processing rules.

Norway.- Norway is set to change its regulatory scheme in order to improve payment transactions. The Norway government unveiled new measures to change processing rules and to prevent gambling operators from offering unauthorised gambling services.

The Norwegian government clarified that there is currently an existing ban on payments from and to unlicensed operators. These new amendments establish a ban to unlicensed operators and companies in charge of payments on behalf of them.

The amendments also establish that the Norwegian Gaming Authority (Lottstift) will be in charge of rejecting payment transactions related to specific account numbers. It will also be in charge of making decisions in regards to an operator or other payment intermediaries.

Trine Skei Grande, Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, said that the purpose of the processing rules changes in Norway is to streamline an existing ban on the payment of money games without Norwegian permission.

“Banks have stated that they want it to be clearer what the authorities expect from their side to follow up the payment intermediation ban. We have therefore specified which specific obligations the banks have to comply with the prohibition,” said Grande.

“The changes will help make it less attractive to play on foreign gaming sites without Norwegian permission. The unregulated players offer games with a higher risk of gambling addiction. They’re not subject to the same accountability measures as the gaming offer of Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

“Efficiency enhancement of the payment intermediation ban will help strengthen the exclusive right model and thus protect vulnerable players.”

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