Norths Collective becomes first candidate for Senet Assure assessment

Norths Collective is the first candidate for Senet Assure assessment.
Norths Collective is the first candidate for Senet Assure assessment.

Norths Collective takes up global benchmarks guarding against gambling harm and financial crime.

Press release.- A new global standard to protect gaming organisations and venues, their customers, and their communities against gambling-related harm and money laundering risks is set to launch with the assessment of its first candidate an NSW-registered club group.

Known as Senet Assure, the compliance accreditation program has been developed by Australia’s leading specialist gambling law, regulatory, and compliance advisory, Senet.

The commencement of this world-first accreditation program follows months of sustained debate surrounding money laundering and gambling harm risks in NSW Pubs and clubs and conjecture over the merits and timing of any potential transition to a cashless gaming environment.

Senet regulatory and gambling specialist Paul Newson said accreditation is underpinned by rigorous evaluation and assurance that demonstrates an operator is exceeding regulatory obligations. 

“Assessing pristine policies at a point in time isn’t sufficient, Senet Assure involves comprehensive evaluation, and crucial to its accreditation are its assurance activities, where the effectiveness of operational policies are tested in practice. Simply put, operators that can’t demonstrate the highest level of vigilance towards combating financial crime risks, and prioritising responsible gambling outcomes won’t meet our accreditation standards” declared Mr Newson.

Mr Newson said that as well as safeguarding corporate reputation and minimising the risks of gambling harm and financial crime, achieving accreditation via the program developed by his team helps uplift the sector and support industry leadership and sustainability.

Norths Collective CEO Luke Simmons said we are excited to be the first candidate for Senet Assure assessment and believe this revolutionary approach to accreditation is an excellent vehicle to embed our commitment to developing leading-edge industry practices against the backdrop of high international standards.

“Norths Collective currently operates eight hospitality venues throughout NSW, Australia. This partnership is a great opportunity to strengthen the commitment we have to our employees and community in upholding strong ethical practices, choosing to prioritise the ongoing safety and wellbeing of all members and guests over short-term gains.”

The Senet team has unmatched regulatory and legal expertise across the gambling sector including in respect of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulation.

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