Northern Mariana Islands casino’s regulations have been approved

The Commonwealth Casino Commission confirmed that junket operators’ activities will be regulated and licensed.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) approved regulations and guidelines for promoters who want to bring business to Saipan, Tinian and Rota casinos. Junket operators will have to pay a US$1000 licensing/renewal fee valid for two years. On their part, casinos will have to register junket operators and provide this information to the Commission, along with paying a .01 percent of the rolling volume as a regulatory fee.

According to the Commission executive director, Edward Deleon Guerrero, junket operations will be implemented as soon as the application and licensing process has been finalised. Then the licenses will be released to Best Sunshine International, Ltd., the firm currently building a Saipan casino, as well as to other parties.

Although Guerrero recognises the importance of junkets as they provide “extensive marketing effort,” well-managed regulations have to be in place. “The success of Best Sunshine, or the [Tinian] Dynasty, or Alter City [Group] or any other casino in this part of the world is through this programme, the junket,” explained Guerrero. “Basically, they are the travel agency going around the world to get VIPs to come to Saipan.”

Moreover, other measures will be implemented prohibiting casinos to provide complimentary cash, chips, wagering credits or instruments to any restricted persons, such as Commonwealth board members, officers or employees.