NFL supporters approve sports betting

AGA released the results of a national survey that established that 83 percent of NFL fans are in favor of overturning PASPA.

US.- The American Gaming Association (AGA) concluded a national survey and released the results that a majority of NFL (National Football League) fans support the idea of overturning the federal sports betting prohibition.

The poll conducted by the Morning Consult questioned approximately 45k fans in a two week period at the end of 2016, and it was centered in PASPA, the sports protection act that was passed in 1992 and prevents states from offering gambling lines on sports. Moreover, they were asked if they would legalise legal betting within their states, and if they felt like leaving legal betting to renowned US companies would make the modality safer. The NFL had presented a brief where they opposed the US Supreme Court case that involves sports betting activity in New Jersey along with the NCAA, NHL, NBA and MLB back in December.

Last week it was confirmed that the Oakland Raiders football team will be relocated to Las Vegas, and the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league hasn’t requested a betting ban for the Raiders football team once they relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada. He told Las Vegas Review-Journal that they don’t intend to do it in the future either.