New Zealand passes new advertising code

New Zealand’s ASA published a new advertising code and updated its regulations for the gambling segment.

New Zealand.- Gambling advertising continues to raise concerns around the globe and countries are regulating it worldwide. New Zealand’s Advertising Standards Association (ASA) has published its new advertising code and updated its own.

The new code updates policy, guidance and standards on gambling services advertising. It will be enforced from August 5, 2019 for new adverts, with all incumbents expected to comply by November 4.

The ASA standards committee developed the code with input from media owners, publishers and agency representatives.

“The purpose of the Gambling Advertising Code (Code) is to ensure that gambling advertising is conducted in a manner that demonstrates a high standard of social responsibility. All gambling advertisements must be legal, decent, honest and truthful and respect the principles of fair competition.

“This Code recognises that gambling advertisements must not undermine the need for the prevention and minimisation of gambling-related harm, with particular regard for the need to protect children, young people and other vulnerable persons.”

UK’s new measures

Advertising regulators CAP and BCAP rolled out their new standards, which ban online adverts for gambling products. Furthermore, they restrict services linked to consumer online interests and browsing behaviour data that may be targeted towards the unprotected.

“From Q2, CAP will focus on protections for problem gamblers, people at risk of problem gambling and others who might be vulnerable to problem gambling behaviours,” ASA CEO told Tracey Crouch, former Minister for Sport Tourism and Heritage in a letter.

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