UK sets new gambling advertising rules

The ASA has layed out new gambling advertising rules in order to protect problem gamblers and vulnerable segments.

UK.- Gambling advertising worries regulators worldwide, which is why the UK has set new rules as of this April 1. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has set new guidelines to restrict the industry’s promotions in order to protect problem gamblers.

Advertising regulators CAP and BCAP rolled out their new standards, which ban online adverts for gambling products. Furthermore, they restrict services linked to consumer online interests and browsing behaviour data that may be targeted towards the unprotected.

“From Q2, CAP will focus on protections for problem gamblers, people at risk of problem gambling and others who might be vulnerable to problem gambling behaviours,” ASA CEO told Tracey Crouch, former Minister for Sport Tourism and Heritage in a letter.

There are plans to “extensively list unacceptable types of content,” to protect minors. According to the ASA, they include certain characters, both animated or from movies, and some celebrities from sports or the TV.

The new guidelines will add to “existing guidance on the responsible targeting of ads, covering all media (including social networks and other online platforms)”.

“Gambling-like games or games that feature elements of simulated gambling activity are often popular with children and young people,” regulators said. “Such games should not be used to promote real money gambling products,” they detailed.

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