New Hampshire pushes for Keno

The New Hampshire regulator is pushing for Keno to arrive in Concord and asked councillors to put the matter up for a vote on November’s ballot.

US.- The New Hampshire Lottery Commission wants Keno to get another shot, two years after locals rejected it. Commission executive director Charlie McIntyre asked councillors to consider asking city voters whether “Keno603” should be allowed in Concord.

The question would be put up in November’s ballot after a 2,249-1,723 vote that turned it down in 2017. “As you folks know, if the citizens say no, we’ll move on and be back in two years,” McIntyre said.

However, Councilor Byron Champlin spoke out what many others may have thought: “If I understand this correctly, director, you’re going to come back to us every two years to put this back on that ballot, and every two years voters of this city vote no, you’re going to come back to us?”

“I have no plans in two years, I don’t know what I’m doing next weekend,” McIntyre replied. “But we’ll be here incessantly — many legislative initiatives honestly take a number of years before they’re approved.”

“Sometimes good ideas take a while to sit,” he added.

The 2017 launch

New Hampshire Keno officially launched in 7 of 13 cities on December 15, 2017. Facilities that want to offer Keno have to be pre-approved by the state’s lottery commission and have pouring liquor licenses.

Manchester, Nashua, Berlin, Franklin, Claremont, Laconia and Somersworth are among the cities that now offer the lottery game Keno. The first city to approve Keno games was Franklin and also had the honour to roll out the first action. In order to offer Keno, a facility must be pre-approved by the New Hampshire Lottery Commission and be in charge of a pouring liquor license.