New gambling regulations in Botswana

Tighter controls over the country’s 10 casinos and the sector in general, will be applied.
Tighter controls over the country’s 10 casinos and the sector in general, will be applied.

The new measures will be effective starting from April 1st in the African nation.

Botswana.- Regulations governing the operations of the gambling industry will be in force starting from April 1st  in Botswana. The measures enable the commencement of 2012’s Gambling Act, which provides for the establishment of a fund made of all the levies imposed under the Act and the establishment of the excessive gambling prevention and rehabilitation committee. The new regulations were approved by Minister of Trade and Industry in February and the Gambling Authority will be in charge of enforcing them, taking over the role played by the Casino Control Board.

Gambling Authority CEO, Thuli Johnson, expressed: “All kinds of betting will now need to be licensed. We will be flighting adverts soon for Request for Proposals for interested companies to apply for licences. We will take over regulation of the existing casinos in April while anyone wishing to be involved in any other kind of betting, including sms and online will need to be registered and licensed with the Authority first, All the new requirements are meant to curb illegal gambling and protect the licensed operators who do not only pay tax but also have jobs to protect.”

Under the new regulations, any gambling operation, betting premises, gambling machines and key personnel will be required to have a license. The Gambling Authority will also start to electronically supervise all betting operations transactions with casino operators, which are required to install surveillance equipment, to monitor possible money laundering and other crimes.