New affiliate group calls for fairer treatment

The PGAA says that affiliates are forced to sign one-sided agreements.
The PGAA says that affiliates are forced to sign one-sided agreements.

Bojoko’s chief business officer has launched a new industry group aiming to improve the affiliate-operator relationship.

Malta.- Joonas Karhu, chief business officer at the online gambling comparison site Bojoko, has launched the Professional Gambling Affiliates Association (PGAA).

The group aims to help improve the relationship between affiliates and operators by campaigning for fair treatment and contractual security for affiliates.

Karhu argues that affiliates are often forced to sign one-side agreements that are too open to change, which could lead to revenue share agreements being modified and fees increased with short notice.

The PGAA will draw up a contract framework offering greater security. The framework will have to be signed by all affiliate members and their operator partners.

Bojoko will deal with the initial communication with operators and cover legal costs, Karhu said.

He said: “The situation online gambling affiliates face is unprecedented when compared with other industries and sectors.

“Running a business without a secured contract is simply unsustainable and puts organisations and their employees at great risk.

“By creating the PGAA, I hope to be able to provide the contractual security that affiliates need to be able to promote operator brands and be confident that the players they send and the revenues they generate are secured over time.”

Earlier this year the association RaIG called for a shake-up of the UK affiliate scene and decided to support calls for statutory licensing.

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