Nevada rejects casino proposal

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The Nevada Gaming Commission rejected a casino proposal last week.

US.- The most famous gaming state in America, Nevada, host of international casino hub Las Vegas, has rejected a company’s proposal to develop the local casino market. The project was rejected by the Nevada Gaming Commission, which used for the first time a new law allowing the current move.

According to local press, the state’s commission communicated its decision last Thursday after the presentation of the licensing application submitted by Brian Hinchley, officer and director for Minnetonka, Minnesota-based Table Trac Inc. The gaming authority rejected the option under a new gaming law.

Chairman Tony Alamo commented on the decision: “There is zero appetite for me to even attempt to overturn what the board was trying to do. … If we overturned the denial, you would become suitable and I don’t believe you’re worthy, at this point in time, to be a part of gaming. I don’t want you in the gaming industry right now. … The big D (denial) has enormous consequences. It’s a death sentence. It’s an NCAA death sentence.”

The new Nevada’s gaming law brings commissioners a new option when dealing with recommendations of denial. “Prior to the passage of Assembly Bill 75 — which was heavily lobbied for approval by Commission Chairman Tony Alamo — the commission could affirm the denial, reverse the Control Board’s recommendation only with a unanimous vote or refer the matter back to the Control Board’s staff,” explains the statement.