MGM offers to host NBA season on Las Vegas strip

MGM has offered to turn an area of its resort into a quarantined sport campus so leagues can finish their seasons.

US.- Reports suggest that MGM Resorts has pitched the NBA and other sports leagues the chance to finish their seasons in a dedicated area of the Las Vegas strip.

According to the New York Times, the company has proposed that it could host the NBA in a quarantined area of its resort complex.

Players and their families would be kept away from members of the public while the remainder of the season was played out.

An extract from the article says:

According to a proposal deck sent to the N.B.A. and the W.N.B.A., which The New York Times reviewed, MGM envisions a fully quarantined campus, essentially one full block of the Las Vegas Strip, where players would live and play out whatever schedule the leagues want.

The athletes would be joined by their families, league and broadcast media employees, as well as the staff and vendors needed to serve them, with access to lounges, spas, restaurants and all the other perks the resorts, offer (yes, even gambling).

MGM said it would be able to build 24 courts in its vicinity for games and additional practices. It also suggested that five of those courts could be equipped with television cameras so that games could be televised.

With Nevada’s economy so reliant on tourism and gaming, MGM would stand to benefit from a resumed NBA season.

Last week, the state announced that sportsbook revenue was down a massive 76% for the month of March.

According to the NY Times article, the WNBA, NHL and MLS have all been approached with a similar concept to continue their seasons.

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