Mr Green hit with three injunctions over AML breaches in Denmark

Spillemyndigheden identified several AML failings.
Spillemyndigheden identified several AML failings.

The Danish gambling regulator identified failings in risk assessment, business processes and documentation.

Denmark.- The Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has issued three injunctions against Mr Green for breaches of the country’s Money Laundering Act. It said it had identified deficiencies in risk assessments, defective business processes and a lack of documentation. It has also taken legal action over failure to report suspicions of money laundering.

Spillemyndigheden’s first charge relates to deficient risk assessment due to the lack of a separate assessment of risks for individual payment solutions and delivery channels. The regulator said this put Mr Green in breach of Section 7 of the Money Laundering Act.

Meanwhile, the regulator detected deficient business procedures for internal controls. Spillemyndigheden said the operator’s procedures failed to state the interval at which controls should take place, putting it in breach of Section 8. Finally, Mr Green failed to adequately document checks and internal controls to demonstrate that they had taken place, another requirement of Section 8.

Separately, Spillemyndigheden has launched legal action against Mr Green over a breach of Section 26 of the Money Laundering Act, which requires companies to notify Denmark’s Money Laundering Secretariat about suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing.

The regulator has advised Mr Green to submit a revised risk assessment and business process for internal controls by June 10 and to submit documentation demonstrating that checks have taken place by October 10.

Last week, Spillemyndigheden issued three injunctions and two charges against SkillOnNet for alleged breaches of the country’s Money Laundering Act. It said that material supplied by the operator failed to comply with AML regulations.

The regulator identified violations of rules pertaining to the documentation of controls, risk assessments and business procedures for internal controls. Spillemyndigheden also charged SkillOnNet for breaching whistleblower rules.

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