Montana passes sports betting rules

Montana sports betting rules have paved the way for the segment.
Montana sports betting rules have paved the way for the segment.

The Lottery Commission approved sports betting rules to launch its Sports Bet Montana product after they legalised the segment in May.

US.- After a few months of debate, the authorities have finally come up to an agreement on sports betting. That’s why Montana will launch the modality in the state.

The Lottery Commission came up with the rules to implement the segment and launch its Sports Bet Montana brand. Alcohol and gambling licensed venues in Montana can apply for a sports wagering permit next December.

Recent delays

While some states are already benefitting from sports betting operations, others are still discussing possible regulations. Montana was one of those states, as officials advanced that sports betting wouldn’t happen until the end of the year.

Angela Wong, director of the Montana Lottery talked to an interim legislative committee in September. She said that the timing depended on when the new regulations are done.

Montana became earlier this year the seventh state in the US to legalise sports betting after the US Supreme Court lifted the federal ban in May 2018. Representative Ryan Lynch, the sponsor of the bill, said that the goal was to kick off sports betting by the launch of the NFL season on Thursday.

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