Mohegan announces €4 billion plan for Japan

The US casino operator Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment is eyeing Japan and announced a €3-4 billion plan for an integrated resort in Hokkaido.

Japan.- The Japanese industry has yet to launch, as regulations haven’t been approved. However, the global gaming industry has already set its eyes on the archipelago, which includes US operator Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment. 

Mohegan announced its plan for Japan, which consists of an integrated resort in Hokkaido worth between €3-4 billion. The company said it expects to hire somewhere between 5,000-7,000 employees for its projected venue.

The IR project announced by Mohegan for Japan doesn’t only include a casino. The development would have three hotels, a conference hall and an arena. It also expects to offer several secondary such as horse riding, cross-country skiing and farming.

On Friday Mohegan CEO Mario Kontomerkos highlighted the company’s experience in operating IRs in a natural environment similar to Hokkaido’s. He added they will take advantage of a customer database for an IR it plans to open in South Korea.

The South Korean IR

A movie-themed casino resort complex will arrive near the Incheon Airport by 2022. It surged after an international agreement between US and Korean companies. The integrated resort will rise by Incheon International Airport Corp., which signed a deal with Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment Partners and Paramount Pictures.

The nearly 4.4 million square meters project will be developed in several phases and involves a €2.1 billion investment. It will include a foreigner-only casino, a five-star hotel, a multipurpose performance hall and a convention centre and may create over one million jobs and attract 3.6 million tourists a year.

IIAC CEO Chung Il-young celebrated the deal and announced they will organise a groundbreaking ceremony for the resort in 2019: “There have been several attempts to build theme parks here, but this is the first case of making tangible progress,” said Chung Il-young, CEO of IIAC.

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