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Apple requirements endanger mobile gaming operators

Apple requirements endangers mobile gaming operators
Mobile gaming operators were hit by the new Apple regulations.

Mobile gaming operators claim their business may have been endangered by Apple’s new regulations that demand apps to be developed for iOS specifically.

US.- Apple slapped mobile gaming operators with a tough regulation update that endangers their business. As of September 3, all companies must redevelop their apps to be specifically crafted for iOS.

Most mobile gaming operators repack their websites to work as apps but will no longer be able to do so. As only apps developed specifically for said operative system will be allowed in the AppStore, they’ll have to rework them.

HTML5 games distributed within apps “may not provide access to real money gaming, lotteries, or charitable donations,” guidelines say. “They also may not support digital commerce.”

Earlier in 2019, operators were required to have apps with a “minimal level of nativity”. That meant sportsbooks, casinos, bingo and lotteries have to stop with the repacking system.

“Mobile gaming operators may need to invest lots of money and time to comply before the deadline,” Agency Decree 53 states. “Three months to build a fully featured native sportsbook app from scratch for a major operator is a massive undertaking and potentially unrealistic.”

“It will require sizable and skilled native development teams to ensure all functionalities are fully compliant. However, operators with less complex products may be able to meet the deadline if they start now.”

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