Mississippi casinos operate again


Credits: visitmississippi.org

After Nate Hurricane, coastal casinos from Mississippi announced the restart of operations.

US.- Mississippi authorities and casino operators revealed this week that coastal gaming salons have restarted their operations. The casino centers were closed during the weekend as the region was hit by another climate phenomenon, the Nate Hurricane. Nate was the first hurricane to make landfall in the state of Mississippi since 2005 when Katrina hit.

By Saturday at 5pm, the coast casinos were closed in order to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. As Nate came through the southern portion of Mississippi, it was classified as a Category 1 storm. According to the Sun Herald, some casinos in the area saw storm surge that came into the pool areas and parking garages of the facilities.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the state is evaluating a lottery as the possibility of expanding operations in being considered. The House Lottery Study Working Group, a special House panel that has been working on a requested study, held its second of three meetings at the Capitol last week and will meet again in October, with a final report in November, which will provide the information to house members instead of making a statement of whether Mississippi should allow lottery services or not.

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