Maxim Slobodyanyuk on Atlas-IAC’s ‘Win-Win Philosophy’ and next-gen igaming solutions

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC.
Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC.

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC, shares insights from ICE London, highlighting the company’s innovative approach to the igaming industry and focus on emerging markets like LatAm, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa.

Exclusive interview.- Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC, delves into the highlights of this year’s ICE London, sharing insights into the company’s innovative approach to the igaming industry. 

From showcasing the cutting-edge platform at the event to discussing the standout features that set Atlas-IAC apart in the competitive landscape, Maxim Slobodyanyuk provides a glimpse into the company’s vision for growth and market expansion, with a particular focus on emerging markets like LatAm, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa. 

Read on as the CEO of the company outlines Atlas-IAC’s commitment to delivering robust, scalable, and reliable solutions tailored to meet the needs of its partners worldwide. 

What was the highlight of your experience at this year’s ICE in London?

First of all, simply being there and witnessing the London era of ICE coming to an end made this year’s show very very special. Secondly, our stand was a true highlight of this year’s show. It wasn’t just how it looked, it was the magic of seeing how our concept for ICE 2024 came to life in London and communicated our “Score Your Goal” concept. 

It beautifully tied together the essence of a sporting triumph with a business accomplishment that everyone came to achieve at ICE, rounding it up with our greater goal to be the best iGaming platform provider, designed to meet the challenges of this ever-evolving and vibrant industry.

During numerous meetings, we emphasized our main message: Atlas-IAC is a robust, scalable, and reliable igaming platform that supports the growth of our partners’ business by ensuring 99.8 per cent uptime, one of the best in the industry. 

“Atlas-IAC is a robust, scalable, and reliable igaming platform that supports the growth of our partners’ business by ensuring 99.8 per cent uptime, one of the best in the industry.”

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC.

We are constantly improving every aspect of our platform to ensure it offers lightning-fast & intuitive Sportsbook solution, zero-delay in bets and settlement, non-stop casino spins, real-time risk management, cutting-edge anti-fraud detection, ready to be scaled to as many markets as our partners require. 

We continue to build reliable relationships with partners and strengthen our presence in the competitive global market of entertainment technologies. We remain true to our main principle – to develop with our partners, share experience and distribute our quality product to support the businesses that choose us as their main technology supplier. 

ICE London 2024 was another opportunity to share our extensive experience with potential partners and achieve the goals of our growth strategy. 

What makes your product standout in the ever-increasing competitive landscape?

Atlas-IAC’s Next-Gen igaming platform offers our partners a suite of perfect tools to run their entertainment business without feeling anxious about technical capacity. 

Designed for growth it’s both scalable and highly customizable to support rapid increases in the number of players and proactively identify risks so the operator can make informed decisions and set up rules that will take care of the platform’s day-to-day operations on auto-pilot.

Our platform helps igaming operators optimize their workflows, become more efficient, and maintain their focus on the most important — relationships with their players. We’ve built our own CRM specifically for the igaming industry. 

“Our platform helps igaming operators optimize their workflows, become more efficient, and maintain their focus on the most important — relationships with their players.”

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlas-IAC.

With its help, it is incredibly easy to communicate with players, give out different kinds of bonuses, review players’ progress, and if need be, restrict their activity if they ask so. This makes us compliant with the latest trends in responsible gaming, something that our partners pay a lot of attention to, and Atlas-IAC doesn’t fail to deliver. 

When it comes to Sportsbook, in addition to it being fully automated and thus one of the best choices for those who want to either start or scale their sports betting business, it offers a selection of uniquely designed features that ensure higher engagement among players resulting in higher value of an average check and increased lifetime value of the player. 

The whole world is waiting for upcoming sports events such as the Biathlon World Championship, Euro 2024, the opening of the Formula 1 season, the Olympic Games or any other championships and tournaments.

Our fast sportsbook will accurately withstand peak load hours, provide tools for objective and maximally professional betting management and ensure results. And if our partner wants to add a new module exclusive to their business, we are ready to develop and add it in record time. All this gives us a significant advantage in existing and new markets.

We’ve managed to strike a perfect balance between the needs of our partners and the fun that our solutions bring to their players, fully intact with our win-win philosophy of doing business and delivering best-in-class entertainment products.

Which markets are you going to focus on this year and why?

We receive more and more requests for integration from numerous regions of the world. Our target is to continue with our expansion across territories with a huge focus on the LatAm market. 

We are in a good position to keep growing in Brazil, as we already have a solid number of operators deploying our market-leading sportsbook solution there. We are constantly refining our technology in anticipation of the sports betting and ihaming boom in the country that is defined by the love of football and passion for entertainment. 

We pay close attention to emerging ihaming markets in LatAm, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Africa, where we already have partners

From the standpoint of regulations, each of those regions is not homogeneous and every emerging market within the region should be treated separately. Every prospective region requires thorough assessment, which sometimes may be difficult, but our team of experienced business executives and technical experts allows our platform to be as flexible and as scalable as required by the conditions of the market where our partner plans to enter and operate.

With the level of regional expertise that we have, Atlas-IAC is poised to become a go-to choice not only for those who are looking to enter the market but also for those partners that have already established their presence there and will be looking for a technology partner to support their rapid expansion, once all the regulations are in place. 

Our core principle of growing and evolving together with our partners has helped us navigate the obstacles and adapt to a volatile regulatory climate in a number of markets where our partners are active. When we talk about scalability, adaptability and resilience of our platform we mean that it has been tried and tested in a variety of markets in their early stages of development. Currently, it’s the best choice for an operator that intends to launch its business in an emerging market. 

Where are we going to meet the Atlas-IAC team this year? 

This year is going to be very active from the standpoint of our engagements with trade shows, conferences and other industry events. We are ready, willing and able to talk about our solutions as much as we can because I firmly believe that we’ve built one of the most robust, scalable and reliable igaming platform out there with a strong knowledge of local operational climate, which makes us a go-to choice for everyone that is trying to upgrade their existing platform or launch their business in the emerging markets of LatAm, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

This year we will focus our efforts on getting close to stakeholders and decision-makers in those markets, so our first stop after ICE in London will be SiGMA Africa in Cape Town, then the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit.

 Stay tuned for more updates from Atlas-IAC coming this year!

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