Mateo Lenoble, Sportradar: “We are working hard in LatAm to present our end-to-end solutions”

Mateo Lenoble, Sportradar: “We are working hard in LatAm to present our end-to-end solutions”

In an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, Mateo Lenoble, VP of Account Management, LatAm at Sportradar, shares insights on the company’s goals for the upcoming Peru Gaming Show.

Exclusive interview.- As the Peru Gaming Show approaches, Focus Gaming News sat down with Mateo Lenoble, VP of account management for Latin America at Sportradar, to discuss the company’s strategic objectives, the significant topics expected to dominate discussions at the event, and the evolving sports betting market in Latin America.

What are your objectives and expectations for the next edition of the Peru Gaming Show?

PGS is growing every year. Its 21-year history is proof of its relevance and ability to adapt and evolve with market changes. The event will be a crucial meeting point for the industry, according to organizers more than 5,000 people are expected for this edition.  

Sportradar is always ready to show our products and services. From a sales perspective, the focus is Managed Trading Services, Marketing Services such as ad:s, betting engagement tools, and ORAKO, the company’s end-to-end sportsbook and player account management solution. 

What do you think would be the most relevant topics of discussion in this edition?

All topics involving the sports betting market in LatAm end up emerging and they are all extremely important, from regulation to AI in the development of products and solutions that improve the player’s experience. 

Sportradar is committed to supporting the growth of a responsible and sustainable sports betting market in LatAm. We are working hard in LatAm to present our end-to-end solutions, so our executives will be attending the PGS to contribute to all the pertinent discussions for our region. 

How would you describe the immediate outlook for the industry in Latin America after the regulation of sports betting in Peru and in a potentially giant market like Brazil?

In Brazil and LatAm, the betting industry is constantly evolving. When you regulate the market, such as in Argentina and Colombia, local and international brands tend to strengthen and grow the market. With regulation, Brazil has the potential to become one of the largest sports betting markets in the world, with total revenue projected to reach $9.7bn in 2028.  For the Brazilian market, Sportradar is focusing on navigating the changing regulatory landscape and helping our clients engage with their customers in innovative and compliant ways.  

Sportradar is well-positioned to address this demand with a market-leading portfolio of soccer products and solutions. 

“In Brazil and LatAm, the betting industry is constantly evolving.”

Mateo Lenoble, VP, account management, LatAm at Sportradar.

Sportradar is on fast company’s 2024 list of the most innovative companies in sports for its leading computer vision technology and enhanced table tennis solution. What importance do you give to this type of praise?

Sportradar is a vital technology partner that sits at the centre and powers the entire sports industry. There isn’t a sport or major sporting event that we don’t touch in some manner.  We aren’t just a data company, we are a tech partner to so many in the ecosystem. Then, it is very gratifying to be recognized! This award, like all others in the sector, motivates us to follow our passion for sport and innovation. 

What are Sportradar’s main objectives for the remainder of the year?

The company will continue to work to form strong relationships with leaders in the market that support both Sportradar’s strategic vision and the legal, regulated growth of sports betting within Latin America. Sportradar is well-positioned to address this demand with a market-leading portfolio of products and solutions and will seek to expand our coverage. 

A good thing about Sportradar is that the LatAm market already knows us very well. Every time there is a new trader or a new person interested in creating an operation, we are already approached. We are starting from a very high point where we are already known in the market. 

2024 has been an exciting year at Sportradar. We are looking forward to the opportunities ahead of us in the next months. 

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