Massachusetts regulator continues to work

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The Massachusetts regulator continues to work through conference calls.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Massachusetts gaming regulator continues to work in local rules through several phone meetings.

US.- The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), the state’s regulator, continues to work despite the coronavirus pandemic. They are doing so through phone meetings but the authorities didn’t want to stop assessing local regulations.

“As we all continue to navigate this unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation, the MGC remains focused on its regulatory duties, maintaining operational functionality with the assistance of technology,” commission spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said.

The first of several remote meetings will take place today, starting 10 am (local time). Nonetheless, they’ll set a new schedule for several further conference calls to discuss state rules in the future. 

They’ll also have a second call at 2 pm to discuss the three licenced venues in the state. Massachusetts shut down its venues and the regulator wants to address the matter, even knowing the whole US industry closed.

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