Malaysian Police raid illegal machines warehouse

The authorities have struck a blow against illegal gambling as they raided a gambling simulator machines’ warehouse in Serdang.

Malaysia.- The Malaysian authorities have hit an illegal gambling operation as they raided a warehouse and found hundreds of illegal gambling simulator machines. The building, located in the middle of an industrial park in Serdang, was packed with illegal gambling material which was confiscated by the Police.

“This is the first of such a find in the area for 2019. No arrests have been made, but the suspects have been identified,” Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Ismadi Borhan told local media outlet The Star. According to the authorities, 1,127 machines were confiscated and some were worth up to €3.2k.

“The total value of the machines is about €575k,” Borhan detailed about the evidence seized during the raid, which was triggered by a tip-off received two days before.

He also explained that the machines were illegally brought into the country, which is an offence under the Customs Act 1967. “The seized items will be handed over to the Customs Department for further action,” he stated.

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