Macau’s DICJ to tighten promoter’s regulation

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The director of the DICJ said that the regulation of gaming promoters will be soon increased.

Macau.- Paulo Martis Chan, director of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) revealed on the sidelines of a conference in Macau that the regulation of gaming promoters will be soon tightened.

The new measure will come after multiple calls for better regulations, the last one made by the president of the Association of Gaming & Entertainment Promoters of Macau, Kwok Chi Chung, who demanded a higher minimum deposit to obtain the junker promoter status, AGBrief reported. Chan revealed that the regulations will enter the legislation process in 2018. The government is considering increasing capital deposit for licensed casino junkets.

Jorge Neto Valente, guest speaker at the conference, said that tighter regulations would represent a positive development for the casino industry: “I think it was time for the junkets’ activity to be controlled, at least at a minimum. It was not good for the development of the activity, nor for the government or society, to [let it run wild] for so many years, but it’s better now than never.” And he added: “No one can say the gaming promoters are out of this race or the current licensed ones are going to keep their license. The truth is, if there’s a tender, the gaming promoters can apply for it.”