Macau casino entry ban to affect 54,000 gaming workers

Macau casino ban

Macau casino workers are soon to be banned from gaming floors after work hours. (Credits:

Casino industry staff members won’t be allowed in casinos outside work hours and will impact 54,000 people.

Macau.- The casino entry ban set to be enforced on industry workers, in order to prevent them from attending casinos outside work hours, is set to impact on 54,000 staff members. According to legislator Ho Ion Sang, the proposed legislation that would forbid casino employees from being inside gaming venues after their shifts end will involve 46,000 workers and a further 8,000 junket operator employees.

The lawmaker, who chairs the 1st standing committee of the Legislative Assembly, is overseeing the proposal and explained that the 46,000 would include frontline staff such as croupiers, cashiers, restaurant staff, cleaners and security guards. The remaining 8,000 junket operator employees surged after a meeting between the Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) and the “most representative junket operator association.”

According to gaming expert Ricardo Chi Sen Siu, the bill could be flawed, as the technology to run facial ID on them would be less than 100% accurate.

“Since it is almost impossible for an employer to detect where employees go after work, casinos may have to check IDs of the customers when they enter the gaming areas, but this may be quite time-consuming given the volume of customer flow in Macau today,” said Siu, who is an associate professor of Business Economics at the University of Macau.

Furthermore, it is still yet to be announced how the authorities will punish those workers that breach the casino ban and how they’d pay the imposed fines.

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