Lottery revenues rise in Oregon

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Oregon Lottery's revenues will continue to rise. (Credits:

Oregon Lottery’s revenues saw a major increase during 2018 due to an investment in video lottery machines and Mega Millions’ performance.

US.- The Oregon Lottery had a great performance in 2018 and posted a major revenue rise, mainly thanks to the investment in video lottery machines and Mega Millions’ performance. According to local media, the growth for the segment will only go up in the state as sports betting is set to come back after PASPA got revoked.

During fiscal year 2018 (ended June 30), the Oregon Lottery transferred US$726 million to the fund that pays for projects across the state, which meant a 10% (US$63.6 million) from the US$662.6 million in 2017.

“That’s the lottery product that does the heavy lifting,” lottery spokesman Chuck Baumann said as he talked about the 12k video lottery terminals that form the state’s lottery network. “We had video lottery terminals that for all intents and purposes they were obsolete. We couldn’t get parts for them,” he added.

Oregon expects to see its growth increase even more as sports betting may soon return to the state Sports Action, a sports betting game that was up betwen the 90s and 2007, was brought down. Back then, the NCAA was against sports betting but, after PASPA was revoked, the landscape has changed and it’s only a matter of time before the segment gets up and running again.

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