Leagues continue to push for betting fee

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The MLB pushes for integrity fees to be included in the sports betting segment. (Credits: cdn.com.do)

Major League Baseball is pushing for a cut from the sports betting segment as it gets regulated across the country.

US.- Sports betting continues to take over the US as more and more states discuss its legalisation after PASPA got revoked, but some issues are yet to be determined. Probably the most controversial topic around the matter is the potential payment of a sports integrity fee, which the Major League Baseball (MLB) has insisted on during G2E 2018.

MLB executive vice president of gaming Kenny Gersh spoke at G2E 2018 and claimed that sports books should have to buy data used to set odds directly from the league. Instead of the 1% sports integrity fee, he explained the league is proposing a 0.25% fee which should be paid to sports leagues as gaming companies profit from their activities.

Despite the leagues continuing to urge both operators and lawmakers to set a fee on sports betting, the gaming segment has strongly opposed it, as well as some governments. In West Virginia, sports integrity fees won’t be a concern for state operators as the West Virginia Lottery Commission approved the final rules for sports betting last week and rejected their inclusion.

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