Lawmakers debate Brazil gambling regulations

Brazil continues to debate gambling legalisation.
Brazil continues to debate gambling legalisation.

Lawmakers in Brazil continue to push for gambling’s legalisation and advocate for the segment.

Brazil.- The debate in Brazil continues around gambling legislation. One of the main arguments in its favour is the need to increase tourism. “We need to increase the flow of foreign tourists in Brazil,” says Deputy Bacelar (Pode.BA).

According to the coordinator of the Joint Parliamentary Front for the Approval of the Regulatory Framework for Games in Brazil (PL 442.91), all forms of gambling must be legalised. But mainly casinos, he said, which would create large revenues by boosting tourism.

In this regard, Bacelar stressed that Brazil only receives 6.5 million foreign tourists a year. “Portugal, which is a country the size of São Paulo, receives 20 million tourists annually. It’s absurd,” he added. Also, Herculano Passos argued that Brazil makes better use of its natural resources in environmental tourism.

Deputies share opinions at a seminar

Joga Brasil shared details about the seminar “Gambling legislation in a new scenario”. The event took place on Wednesday, in the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia, and focused on gambling legislation. 

The event aimed to provide lawmakers and the population with further information about gambling. In addition, it advocated getting the Congress debating the industry’s legalisation.

In the Freitas Nobre Auditorium of the Chamber of Deputies, Herculano Passos and Deputy Bacelar celebrated “Gambling legalisation in a new scenario”. Several deputies in favour of the industry also attended and the secretary of the Special Committee on Sports, Lottery and Entertainment Law of the Brazilian Bar Association, Daniel Homem de Carvalho. In addition, the president of the Brazilian Federation of Accommodation and Food (F.B.H.A.), Alexandre Sampaio, president of the Brazilian Institute of Legal Gambling, Magno José, and the national secretary of Tourism Qualification and Promotion, Bob Santos.

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