Kindred files a lawsuit against Norwegian authority

Kindred gambling apps norway

Kindred is suing the Norwegian gaming authority for a ban of its apps on Apple's App Store. (Credits:

Kindred Group has filed a lawsuit against Norway’s gambling and lottery authority over alleged “unfair regulations”.

Norway.- The Lotteri-og Stiftelsestilsynet, Norway’s regulatory body for gambling and lottery, has been accused by Kindred Group Plc of “unfair restrictions” set on the gambling group. The company’s governance has moved to file a lawsuit against the Norwegian authority after being banned from Apple’s App Store in the country.

According to Kindred, the regulatory body had unfairly targetted its business services by blocking payment transfers and setting a ban on Kindred apps listed on the App Store.

Anders Ryssdal, Partner at Glittertind – which represents Kindred’s governance -, stated to local media outlet NRK that the gambling group “has no choice but to move ahead with its lawsuit” and reaffirmed that they had been unfairly targetted by the authority’s actions.

According to Glittertind, the gambling regulator ‘overreached in its regulatory conduct’, and said that the enforced blocks on several ‘foreign intermediaries’ processing transactions with Norwegian banks had been unfair as the service isn’t against gambling monopoly regulations.

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