Kaliningrad plans to attract investors

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Authorities have revealed that the gambling zone in Kaliningrad is working to separate land to attract investors to Yantarnaya.

Russia.- Anton Alikhanov, governor of the Kaliningrad region, recently unveiled the authorities’ plans to attract investors to the Yantarnaya gambling zone. He said that the final stage of the delimitation work is taking place near the village go Kulikovo, where the gambling zone is located.

Due to the large size of the project, implementation without additional support could become inviable, and therefore, they need to delimitate the parcels into several parts. Alikhanov added that they could finish this process in the upcoming months.

The governor believes that if by the summer they’re not ready for agreements, then they will be involved in serious negotiations. He added that there’s already interest in the zone from gambling investors.

Crimea casino plans on hold in Russia

Russia has announced it has stopped its Crimea casino plans as President Vladimir Putin assured he has other priorities rather than the industry. According to recent reports, they are not that eager to get that cash flow into state coffers in the short term.

The Crimea casino plans have been around for a while but seemed to have hit a stop. Russian President Vladimir Putin says the government has other priorities and put the project on hold.

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