Jhuana Lamas, Sportingtech: “Local knowledge and flexibility are essential for success whatever the market”

Jhuana Lamas, business development Brazil for Sportingtech.
Jhuana Lamas, business development Brazil for Sportingtech.

Focus Gaming News spoke to Jhuana Lamas, business development Brazil for Sportingtech, about the company’s upcoming participation at SiGMA Americas and its plans for the rest of the year.

Exclusive interview.- Jhuana Lamas, business development Brazil for Sportingtech, discusses the company’s preparations for SiGMA Americas and their expectations for the event.

How is Sportingtech preparing for SiGMA Americas and what does the company expect from the fair?

We will be located at Stand C40 this year and we always look forward to showcasing our products and speaking with partners at these events. There are great opportunities to converse with brands looking to significantly improve their offering and tell them how we can provide the necessary knowledge and technology for them. 

Being in attendance will also provide the opportunity to garner more information on the current legislative processes in Latin America as we prepare diligently to ensure our offering flourishes within the regulatory framework.

What products and technology are you going to exhibit at the gaming show?

Our leading platform has been enhanced even more with additional developments including the new share-a-bet feature. 

This allows players to share their bets to social media accounts in a matter of clicks. The functionality taps into the habits of audiences wanting to communicate with their followers on social media, where there is a huge influx of influencer involvement within sports betting.

This latest feature highlights our ability to keep our finger on the pulse of engaging marketing strategies. We want to appeal to players and showcase to operators how we are assisting brands with influencer marketing that expands reach and engagement. With such integrations, our multifunctional platform is constantly evolving. We take great pride in being aware of player habits, increasing engagement, and providing more activity for operators.

This year the company revealed a new brand identity. What did this renovation mean to the company and what feedback did you receive from your clients?

After a tremendous 2022 and entering a new year, it seemed like the perfect time to enhance our branding and identity. This is a testament once again to Sportingtech’s reluctance to stand still. We take great pride in innovating and that goes across all areas of our business. 

We unveiled the new look and feel at ICE earlier this year and we saw great traction and engagement at our stand from attendees and clients alike. Our clients appreciate our approach and have been nothing but complimentary as we provide trusted solutions for their businesses across any vertical. 

How is Sportingtech preparing for the market opening in Brazil?

We are leaving no stone unturned as we anticipate regulations in Brazil to be given the green light. Our diligent compliance teams are working tirelessly to ensure they are kept abreast of the latest developments and are ready to shift focus in an instant if required.

It is imperative that we hit the ground running and can provide an enticing player experience that is legally sound and enjoyable. This will be vital for the Brazilian market due to the stringent measures the government is expected to put in place. We employ our industry-renowned expertise to develop customisable omnichannel solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each market. 

Local knowledge and flexibility are essential for success whatever the market, and Brazil is no different. We know there is no ‘one size fits all’ and providers like us must offer a dynamic approach to cater to a variety of player and regulatory requirements. 

Catering for such an array of requirements is a testament to the outstanding performance of our platform. Brands are trying to gain early market share when new regulations come in, meaning there’s a big danger that trust in the brand can be severely damaged if there are issues that result in downtime. 

Do you think operators are clued up on what they need to know and do to succeed in the Brazilian market?

I believe so, yes. Even though there have been significant delays throughout the process, communication hasn’t really been an issue. 

Brands must have a live operation in Brazil from day one of the market going live. It goes without saying they will also possess invaluable knowledge of the habits and preferences of players. 

There is also the likelihood of sportsbook and casino being required to operate as two separate verticals as per the regulations. This doubles the efforts for operators in keeping operations in different lanes, therefore thinking about having two distinct online products and platforms.

We can provide customisable solutions for any operator, whether they choose our stand-alone products or our turnkey offerings. We can accommodate any business need, allowing them to pick and choose from our suite gives them full autonomy, which they greatly value.

Sportingtech has grown exponentially last year, especially in LatAm and Africa. What do you expect for your business in those regions for the next months?

The deals we concluded in 2023 are just the start for our plans in these regions. LatAm is obviously a key focus for our brand, but Africa remains on our radar. We have made great headway this year, so we are looking for quality over quantity when forging new relationships.

Our recent deals are indicative of the iGaming industry’s thoroughly bright future on the continent of Africa. Not only is sports betting growing stronger every year, but online casino entertainment is gradually becoming more familiar to a variety of markets across the region.

“LatAm is obviously a key focus for our brand, but Africa remains on our radar.”

Jhuana Lamas, business development Brazil for Sportingtech.

Brazil is obviously famous for football, but what other sports do you expect to be important markets?

Basketball is incredibly popular in Brazil thanks to the success of the nation’s basketball team. The sport is also a popular betting proposition thanks to the number of events per season and markets and data available. 

MMA has exploded across the world, and Brazil is no exception. With several Brazilian fighters becoming champions in the UFC and other organizations, Brazilians have a rich and successful history in the sport. The Brazilian public are renowned for being some of the most passionate sports fans in the world and take great pride in the success of fellow countrymen and women.

Finally, esports is growing at a rapid rate in Brazil, with CS:GO particularly popular. We are seeing esports fast becoming a key component within an operator’s online offering. Neymar is a huge fan of CS:GO and was seen at this year’s Intel Extreme Masters, the world’s biggest CS:GO championship. Having the support of Brazil’s biggest footballing star bodes well for esports once the sports betting market is regulated.

Are you planning to launch any new product this year?

We always have product developments in the pipeline. Our aim is to improve efficiency and provide operators with customizable solutions to provide to their players and 2023 will be no different. Seamless entertainment is vital to keep players on board within an ecosystem and for that reason, choosing a platform with a track record of true reliability and robustness at scale is of huge value.

What are your goals for the rest of 2023?

We want to continue to make an impact across regulated territories across the globe and lead the way in emerging markets. Brazil is key for us, and we have the expertise and most trusted products that will change the game for operators. 

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