Japan to set lower GGR levies than Macau

Concerns on GGR levies’ rate for integrated resorts in Japan seem to be settled as the central government estimates them to be at 25 percent.

Japan.- The casino industry in Japan is getting closer to be awaken as regulatory framework is on the verge of being set. Furthermore, potential investors concerns on the rate of levies on GGR for integrated resorts seem to be settled as the government has apparently reached consensus to set it at 25 percent.

There’s no confirmed figure yet, but, according to AGB, the general range that the levies will fall in “is assumed to be 25 percent of GGR,” Tomakomai officials reported. The Hokkaido city is a step ahead of the central government and has called operators to turn an initial investment survey by September.

The government intends to provide a “detailed plan,” therefore, they have projected the estimated GGR levy percentage, as well as offering the guideline that entry fee for Japanese residents will be set at US$45.

Morningstar had already projected levies to be set at 20 percent and entry fees for locals at US$72. Even as they’re different than Tomakomai’s announcement, all estimates are set lower than Macau’s 39 percent levy.

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