Japan is officially delaying casinos

japan casinos

Credits: Useful Tips Japan.

The government of Japan has officially confirmed another delay in legislative debates about casinos.

Japan.- The ruling party of Japan has confirmed another delay in IR Implementation Bill’s approval. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is dissolving the extraordinary Diet session scheduled for later this month in order to call a snap general election for October 22 or October 29.

“Even if a truncated special Diet session is held after the general election, it won’t be possible to submit the legislation at that time,” revealed an undisclosed source to AGBrief. One of the biggest challenges for the passage of the IR-related legislation is the general election that is set to take place in October, and it could result in a push back as it is not a top-level priority when it comes to the Japanese agenda. Therefore, the government decided to reschedule the debate.

During the latest Diet Session, Japanese Congress was set to finally address a comprehensive casino proposal to approve gaming development. Representatives of Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito party had agreed on discussing casino legislation by the end of the month, when the session was supposed to start.

Legislators need to discuss the IR Implementation Bill, casino legislation in order for it to take effect, allowing operators to begin the bidding process. After all requirements are fulfilled, international companies will be able to start the construction phase of the highly expected integrated casino resorts.