Japan evaluates problem gambling

Japan casinos

Japan seeks to approve the IR Implementation bill before the DIet session ends. (Credits: comeonoutjapan.com)

Japanese authorities are concerned over problem gambling consequences after casino development.

Japan.- As legislators have delayed the debates over Implementation Bill to finally approve casino projects, the government released a concerning report on problem gambling. Authorities assure that over 3.2 million Japanese residents are allegedly problem gamblers, even though the gaming industry is highly limited in the country.

Last December, the Congress has approved casino projects, although companies haven’t been able to present their proposals yet as they need the approval of a second legislation regulating the bidding and installation process. Legislators were supposed to debate over the second bill during this session, but the national government decided to delay it.

“It also said that 0.8 percent, equivalent to around 700,000 of the total population, were likely to have been addicted at some point in the past year, with the average age at 46.5. Among them, pachinko accounted for the most money spent on gambling at an average of 58,000 yen (around $500) per month,” reveals the report.

Meanwhile, potential casino operators and international industry’s representatives held a national meeting at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel, where businessmen assessed the upcoming regulations and casino development. The casino industry in Japan is one of the most expected projects in the world due to its highly potential and profitability.

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