Japan discusses problem gambling


Credits: Intrepid Travel.

Japanese officials are determined to intensify problem gambling control after casino approval.

Japan.- During last week’s Japan Gaming Congress, major representatives of the industry and the Japanese government held debates on possible control of casino activities once the law becomes effective. According to local media, authorities may consider banning problem gambling residents from legal venues.

Legislators are currently drafting a national regulation to control the upcoming casino industry, which was legalised late in 2016. The main concern among Japanese officials is the potential consequence of gambling addiction, as the debate during the Japanese Gaming Congress confirmed. The Japan Times quoted government sources that assure that casino operators may have the possibility of banning from all venues registered residents who show tendencies of addiction.

The industry’s representatives were gathered from May 10-11 at the Grand Hyatt, Tokyo, where businessmen presented their plans for the development of casino projects. Wakayama Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka participated at the event and commented the city’s intentions of allowing a casino facility in the region. However, the official highlighted the government’s concern about problem gaming.

“Personally, I’m not that worried, but considering the position of Wakayama Prefecture, in order to gather everyone’s support for the project to build an IR, it should be a gaming center for foreigners only. Then all the political opposition would melt away,” suggested Nisaka to Asia Gaming Brief newspaper. Meanwhile, international casino companies are waiting for the legislation draft to begin investing, as a possible resident ban among Japanese casinos could reduce the market’s expected profitability.