Innovative Technology impacts in Germany

Innovative Technology impacts in Germany

ITL’s new validators and recyclers had their vending debut to the German market.

Innovative’s Spectral technology and state-of-the-art recyclers are a hit at euvend & coffeena.

Germany.- Innovative Technology reported a successful show at “euvend & coffeena” in Cologne on 9-11 May. ITL’s new validators and recyclers, which boast highly secure Spectral Technology, had their vending debut to the German market. The organisation’s new automated age verification unit – ICU, was also a key focus on the stand.

Innovative Technology’s performance at euvend

Christian Czeskleba, Senior Business Development Manager, celebrated the performance. “euvend always provides a relaxed setting to interact at a local level, as well as giving us the opportunity to network with some of our international customers.”

“Our NV9 range was the key focal point at the show. Customers in the region already widely use our original NV9 note validator. So, it was no surprise that the NV9 Spectral with its enhanced security features attracted the interest of euvend visitors. Both the NV9 and NV9 Spectral can fit on vertical mounts – making them perfect for compact vending machines. Because of their modular design, note float modules can be added to provide note recycling capability. The original NV11 recycler is a firm favourite for vending applications due to its compact size. With our new upgraded recycler – NV22 Spectral – we have combined an NV9 Spectral with a ‘Multi Note Float’ payout unit which can store and recycle up to 40 mixed notes.

“This was a hit at the show with customers impressed with the unit’s ability to eliminate coin starvation and keep machine operational – as well as the bonus of accepting multiple currencies at the highest level of security. Customers were also excited to see the NV9 Spectral with a Cashless bezel option, currently able to work with Nayax’ VPOS Fusion.”

Christian continued, “ICU also attracted lots of interest at the show. This exciting new product proved popular for its ability to successfully verify the age of visitors using intelligent biometrics. The device can serve to automate the policy for controlling access to age-restricted purchases (and premises). It is a standalone unit, so there is no need for customers to pre-register, providing a seamless service for the end user.”

Concluding Christian commented, “The quality of leads at euvend is always high, and it was great to see our validators in so many machines at the show this year.”

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