IR bidders still uncertain in Japan

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The IR bidding process will include, at least, three bidders. (Credits:

A recent survey revealed that only three prefectures are certain to push for an IR, while many others remain unsure about it.

Japan.- Many prefectures were thrown into the discussion about where integrated resorts (IR) will land in Japan, but a recent survey revealed that there’s not as much enthusiasm about it as it seemed. A research conducted by Kyodo News showed that only three prefectures will certainly present their bids, while the remaining tons of governments are still reluctant about getting such a development in their region.

The survey showed that the Osaka prefecture and the city of Osaka will bid jointly, as it was announced many times already, while the Wakayama and Nagasaki prefectures are expected to push for an IR as well. All of them expect the industry to generate jobs and bring economic opportunities and benefits to their respective regions.

Nonetheless, the study – which covered all 47 prefectures and 20 major cities – showed that only Nagoya is considering applying and is already looking for the chosen location. Meanwhile, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Ibaraki and the cities of Chiba and Yokohama are still in the research stage but may apply for an IR.

Still, a staggering forty local governments advanced that they will not apply, while other 17 are undecided on wheteher they will be interested in the business sometime in the future.

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