Iowa may support sports betting

Iowa sports betting


A local politician released the results of an official poll revealing that most of Iowa’s residents would support the legalisation.

US.- Iowa residents are allegedly in favour of legalising sports betting industry, as an official poll reveals. The results of the public consultation were released this week by the Republican politician and former mayor of Cedar Rapids, Ron Corbett, who claims that the legal industry would be supported by local residents.

As sports betting are usually criticized for potential gambling addiction, Corbett explained that most residents voted that the potential funds collected through gaming taxes should be destined to expand access to mental health services in the state. “Iowans understand the problem and, based on these survey results, we see they are willing to support an out-of-the-box idea to begin solving the mental health crisis in our state,” Corbett said, as published by the Courier newspaper.

The official results of the poll show that 70 per cent of voters are in favour of legalising sports betting industry if the US Supreme Court approves it at federal level. Meanwhile, 24 per cent of voters are against it and finally, 6 per cent weren’t sure.

Corbett commented about the poll: “By putting this idea out there … I started a conversation,” he said. “That’s the kind of governor I’ll be. I’m not afraid to put a new idea on the table, ask fellow Iowans to weigh in, and get the conversation started. Iowans generally aren’t afraid to tell you what they think.”

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