Iowa Legislature discusses sports betting

The Legislature is contemplating different options to regulate sports betting. Credits: NBC Sports

The legislature is discussing a series of bills that are set to decide who should run sports betting.

US.- The Iowa Legislature discussed this week a number of bills that would legalise and regulate sports betting in the state. The legislative pieces were treated by a Senate committee and House members.

The four bills were discussed on Wednesday by a Senate subcommittee and on Thursday by House members, as they offer the opportunity to collect more revenue for the state. The bills would benefit licensed casinos, a horse racing group, the state lottery and professional organisations that run sports betting operations.

Leaders in the state said that they plan to support a single bill that allows one of more organisations to run operations. The modality would be regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission when it involves casinos, professional leagues or horse groups, while the Iowa Lottery would be in charge if its plan gets approved.

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