Industry unsure increased mobile betting will remain after pandemic

Bettors have increased use of mobile platforms during the pandemic.
Bettors have increased use of mobile platforms during the pandemic.

The success of mobile betting can be largely dependant on regulation policies.

US.- In the context of the coronavirus pandemic bettors are using mobile gambling platforms more and more, but many in the industry remain uncertain if increased use will continue once the pandemic ends.

DraftKings’ president and co-founder, Matt Kalish, said: “I don’t think it’s clear yet what the long-term impact is. You’ve seen many forms of commerce, like just buying groceries is happening more online, so this is no different.”

The largely digital company is planning to launch a physical sportsbook in Wrigley Field in Chicago.

PointsBet CEO Johnny Aitken said: “When I first moved to the US in the middle of 2018, I would be sitting in conferences and there was a lot of talk about retail to mobile being 50-50, 70-30.

“In some casino markets, retail will have its place and there’s a segment of doing that. But in other markets, it should be 99 per cent.”

The success of mobile betting in a given market can be largely dependant on the regulation policies in place. Illinois saw 230,000 new online registrations after temporarily lifting its in-person registration rule.

But in states such as Nevada, where in-person registration is obligatory, revenues have suffered throughout the pandemic. Nevada’s mobile share was down by 10 per cent from June to July.

When New Jersey broke the nationwide record for the highest monthly sports betting handle in August, 91 per cent of wagers were done online.

FanDuel PR director Kevin Hennessy said in an email to local media: “As sports betting becomes more widely adopted, the growth potential is exponential. As mobile betting in the US continues to grow, you will continue to see more innovation.”