India pushes for new tax on lottery

India tax for lottery will soon change.
India tax for lottery will soon change.

The authorities in India are looking to set a tax on lottery obeying the “one-nation, one-tax” principle and setting a single 28% rate.

India.- The government in India may set a new tax rate on lottery. As part of the “one-nation, one-tax” principle, they’ll set a single 28% goods and services tax (GST) on the segment.

Not only will the GST Council decide on taxation in India, but it may also set restrictions on online lottery. 

On the other end, the industry in India is pushing for a uniform 12% levy and removal of tax on prize money.

Casino gaming

The future of Goa casinos is still uncertain, but Chief Minister Pramod Sawant assessed their importance. The official explained they are a very important part of the tourism industry as they attract tourists.

“During one of the media interviews, I was asked whether I support casinos. Casinos are one of the important parts of tourism as they attract tourists,” Sawant said. 

“We are getting direct and indirect revenue from the tourism industry. Now it depends on the stakeholders how to grow the industry, while the government can provide necessary infrastructure for them,” the chief minister said. “We want to make it 100%,” he said.

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