Illawarra pokies rake €61.5 million

The Office of Liquor and Gaming revealed that Illawarra pokies reached €61.5 million in profits between December and May.

Australia.- In order to keep transparency, the Office of Liquor and Gaming of New South Wales released gambling information. In its report, it showed that the Illawarra region’s pokies raked €61.5 million in profits.

Wollongong was the biggest contributor with €48 million in the said period. Its profits came from 37 clubs (€35.6 million) and 29 hotels (€12.3 million).

Australia’s evolution

A potential Gold Coast casino seems to be something Star Entertainment Group is emphatically against. That’s why the company wants to convince the government to abandon such plans with a development master plan.

The company would invest over €60 million in revamping the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is located on state-owned land, but the company would operate it.

The company is also awaiting for approval on the proposed 237-metre tower for its casino complex. It would host a hotel operated by the Ritz-Carlton but has faced opposition.

“The Star’s position has always been to support investment in tourism assets on the Gold Coast. However, the Gold Coast market is too small for two casinos,” Star Entertainment chairman John O’Neill said.

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